Free Mortgage Broker

Why Do Free Mortgage Brokers Offer Their Services?

There are plenty of free mortgage brokers in Melbourne and although they all share their no-charge policies in common, it’s not uncommon for the quality of their services to differ. The first thing that any applicant needs to know when using a free broker is that although the borrower won’t be responsible for covering their costs; the chosen lender will.

What this means is that a good broker will be able to offer all of their regular services, including the comparison of interest rates and loan specifics, without requiring a single dollar in payment from their client. Every year, thousands of people choose to go for these types of brokers as opposed to those that work for themselves – and for good reason.

These experts are often some of the most highly experienced in the field and they are still more than capable of finding the cheapest loans for their clients with minimal fuss – if any at all. But the one thing that genuinely sets them apart from others in the industry is the fact that they won’t expect any form of payment from the person that they are helping with their application.

Why do they offer these services?

In some cases, a mortgage broker might perform a minimal amount of work and charge a couple of hundred dollars for it. In others, they might provide more substantial efforts and charge a lot more. When working for free and under the agreement that if they are able to connect a borrower with a lender they will receive commission, then this is all the encouragement that most experts will require.

There’s nothing quite as reassuring as knowing that not only will a borrower not have to pay an expert mortgage broker for their services; but that they will only get paid if they are able to find a suitable deal for their client. In the simplest terms, this translates to having an expert want to pull out all the stops to find a cheap deal with incredibly low interest rates for the applicant that they are working for; or else miss out on their commission.

It’s not just the borrower that can benefit from this, but the bank can take advantage as well. By sitting back and allowing a broker to bring honest and reliable clients to a lender’s services, a bank will be able to reap the rewards of a new customer, whilst providing a small percentage in commission to the broker themselves.

In this scenario, everyone stands to win and this is why some brokers are willing to offer their services for free.